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                                       Conventional Sump Pump Systems installed and also

Combo_sump_pump Combination Primary and Battery Backup Sump Pump SystemsCombo_sump_pump

Why use a battery backup sump pump?
There are many things that can go wrong down in the sump pit to cause basement flooding. It can be a power outage, a failed sump pump, a stuck float switch or a sump pump that cannot keep up with the inflow of water. By using a battery backup sump pump your basement will remain dry during any of these occurrences.

Do you want to put a bathroom where conventional plumbing makes it difficult or even impossible ?

Then you need a Saniflo with its unique macerating system. Use that wasted space in the basement, under the stairs, even in a bedroom closet, without breaking the floor (or the bank). An extra bath, shower or powder room can fit in small spaces and increase the value of your house.

                                              Basement Conversion with a Sani Flo System - Westford MA


                      And yes we can also take care of your leaks, running toilets and dripping faucets to !!